Sad and Romantic Whatsapp Video Status

Sad and Romantic  Whatsapp Video Status

We have added some Sad and Romantic Whatsapp video for WhatsApp Video status. Every user wants to share the status of WhatsApp according to their mood. these were some Sad,

Love and Romantic WhatsApp Status Videos for you. We will upload more  WhatsApp video status soon. If you said you were cold, I would wrap my arms around you. If you said you were thirsty, I would give you the ocean blue. I would give you anything: the moon, the stars, the sunset too. This heart in my hands I hold out to you.

There's nothing like the first love. You've never had these feelings before and you imagine that no one else has ever felt this way about anybody. Your boyfriend or girlfriend are the greatest thing ever and you want to be with them all the time. Your senses become alive as you fall in love for the first time.

You're not even thinking of the possibility that you may break up because that has never happened to you before. First love is filled with the optimism that you will be together forever.

You taught me how beautiful life is, Everything from your words, your touch, your kiss. You gave me hope, you gave me love, And I know you were sent from heaven above. The way you showed me the person I could be, It's something you, and only you, would see. You were always different and unique, But I never guessed it was me you would seek. How someone like me would end up with someone like you, I honestly don't believe it; it cannot be true.

Laid my head upon your chest Your arms encircled me, It was, My Love, as if we were What God meant us to be, I closed my eyes and heard your heart Your soft smile in my hair, I'd never felt so whole and safe Our hearts beating as a pair, You found my eyes and told me of A love for me undying, I kissed your face and knew right then It was in Heaven we were lying.

Insecurity, when you walk in the room. Curiosity, when you stare me down. Speechless as can be, when you talk to me. Sparks fly when we touch, but this is reality. I feel my heart skip a beat whenever you tell love me.  Unplugged 30 sec whatsapp status, Unplugged female song 30 sec whatsapp status,female version song 30 sec whatsapp status,male version song 30 sec whatsapp status,Sad Song Female Version 30 sec WhatsApp Status Video,Bollywood Unplugged 30 sec whatsapp status,breakup 30 sec whatsapp status,proposal 30 sec whatsapp status,love songs,

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