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Fathers have a holy symbolism for their children as powerful as any other in human experience. It is difficult to strike a balance between the pressures of their various identities and the idea of masculinity they have been sold. Happy Fathers Days to all the dads out there who are loving, dedicated and responsible! From my own experience, I understand how hard it has been balancing running a college while learning how to be the best dad I can be during this time of major life transitions without my dad's help. It is amazing how empowering dads can feel after holding hands with an authentic man on their son or daughter's graduation day. This is one of the most important days in a father's life just watching his child walk across that stage.

Fathers make sure he is doing everything in his power so that his son or daughter has access to every opportunity and opportunity walks through that terminal door right when they need them most.

Happy Father's Day ❤️

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